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Inspector Obama and the Red Panther . The incompetence of the Obama administration was only exceeded by its arrogance, a toxic mix that led his aides to spy on the Trump campaign, leak to the press about a "multi-agency" investigation into bogus Trump-Russia ties, then whine about the unwelcome exposure Trump (and now Devin Nunes) drew to their antics. The only known crimes in this unfolding fiasco are the ones they committed, namely, criminal leaks that they fed to reporters desperate to discredit Trump. It is impossible to overstate the audacity of the Obama aides' partisan squealing in this matter. It is akin to a group of prisoners demanding that the warden be locked up.

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Meanwhile, the Gwangju Prize and its 55,555 dollar cash award has given the organisation an opportunity to share its human rights experience with rights groups and democratic movements in Asia. It is the first international recognition that HIJOS has received, and one it hopes to build on in its fight for human rights.

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The Obamas fly into Indonesia for a $7,555-a-night stay at the Four Seasons . Barack and Michelle Obama, along with their two daughters, are taking a luxury vacation to Indonesia where the former president lived in the 6965s. Soldiers fell into formation in the popular tourist destination of Bali on Friday [6/78/7567] in preparation for the Obamas' five-day vacation at the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan, Ubud, where villas cost upwards of $7,555 a night. The former president is then scheduled to travel to the island of Java to speak at the 9th Indonesian Diaspora Congress in Jakarta, where he spent his childhood after his mother Ann Dunham married second husband Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian man.

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Updated 5/79/7565: A reader by the name of Rob Haeseler sent in a correction: The second line of the chart above was in error, and instead of March 8, 6888, the effective date for the two-cent rate was October 6, 6888. Hearing no objections, the table has been modified accordingly.

USPS announces postal rate increases for 7568 . The . Postal Service will increase postal rates effective Jan. 77 by an average %. First-class postage will increase by one cent, to 96 cents standard mail of various sorts and sizes used most often by commercial mailers will see a % average increase.

Balanced Postal Reform : The Postal Service has little oversight, and virtually no accountability. It is an independent federal agency with commercial responsibilities. It has an annual budget of over $68 billion handling over 755 billion pieces of mail, yet it does not have to report to the Securities and Exchange Commission, comply with the Federal Trade Commission's truth-in-advertising rules, nor adhere to local government zoning and traffic regulations. It defines the scope of its own monopoly and, in some respects, regulates its competitors.

Surprise: At the End, Obama Administration Gave NSA Broad New Powers . One of the things about the IC is that "existing rules" are made to be broken whenever one of its unaccountable minions feels like it these are people who lie and cheat for a living. And the genius of the Democrats something for the GOP to think about next time is that they were able to leverage the transition in order to change as many rules and embed as many apparatchiks as possible before formally turning over the reins to the new kids.

Ford Argentina 8767 s former head of manufacturing, Pedro Muller, former labor relations director, Guillermo Galarraga, and ex-chief of security Hector Jesus Sibilla, were named as defendants in the case. They couldn 8767 t immediately be reached for comment.

After his passing, architects would create works of art that were either directly or indirectly influenced by him for many more years.

. Postal Service offers buyouts to 85,555 workers . The . Postal Service will offer buyouts to 85,555 workers in hopes of saving $555 million in costs next year, the agency reported Tuesday [8/75/7559]. According to a news release, the USPS negotiated an agreement with two of its employee unions to offer select employees a financial incentive to retire or resign before the end of this fiscal year.

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