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The bullshit guessing: don't be too hot/cold be a 'lady' , wharever the hell that is.
Basically don't be too much or too little, which is an entirely arbitrary measure everyone is just supposed to 'know' somehow.
Jesus Christ, I'd rather be at the dentist than on a date.

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Respect their alone time and need for privacy.
Be attentive when they speak.
Be sincere and honest.
Be clear about your expectations and hopes.
Give them time to think before responding to questions.
Compliment them on their ideas and accomplishments.
Don 8767 t push them to open up emotionally too soon.
Pursue your own interests and ideas and be willing to talk about them!
Be up for intellectual conversation.

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Be flexible and open for adventure.
Don 8767 t expect them to conform to 8775 tradition 8776 .
Have an open-mind and an intellectual curiosity.
Be open for long brainstorming sessions.
Don 8767 t pressure them for commitments early on.
Don 8767 t over-schedule their time. They need their freedom.
Be authentic and sincere. They 8767 re quick to spot phoniness.

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“On a first date, do not take someone out where you hang out. You may think it didn’t go well, but your date might think otherwise. Some people are crazy. And the last thing anyone wants is a stalker posting up at your local watering hole.”

If you 8767 re dating an ISFP you 8767 ll want to bring a lot of honesty, empathy, and a good sense of adventure to the table. These individuals are compassionate, down-to-earth, and fun-loving and they look forward to lots of exciting new experiences with their partners. It can take ISFPs a while to open up to new people and they can be on the shy side, so it 8767 s important not to rush them into things or pry too deeply right away. They need to have their privacy and space respected until they 8767 re ready  and feel 655% comfortable.

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Make sure you 8767 re on the same page about important values. This can lead to less conflict later on.
Be on time and keep your commitments.
Be attentive.
Use good manners and show empathy for others.
Don 8767 t dismiss their values, feelings, or favorite traditions.
Don 8767 t be wishy-washy. Keep your word.
Be as open as you can about your feelings and desires.

ENTPs enjoy impulsive outings and experiences that allow them to be inspired whether that 8767 s visiting a museum, going to a concert, or exploring a natural wonder. ENTPs are flexible, spontaneous, and enthusiastic and will enjoy a partner who can be open to new possibilities, adventures, and ideas. They also want someone who will be open about their needs and desires and won 8767 t get passive-aggressive or hide things when there 8767 s a problem.

There are reasons and situations when it 8767 s okay to text, and other times when a REAL conversation (on the phone or in person) is appropriate.

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