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Blake Hammontree was found dead in the house at 65:85 . following a function at the house. Family called incident hazing, but coroner termed death accidental.

Hazing Deaths - Hank Nuwer: The Hazing Clearinghouse

Pledge L. Barry Ballou choked to death after passing out at a ritualized drinking session attended by an alumnus and members.

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Glenn Kersh, who had a faulty heart, died “from psychic effects of excitement” following his fraternal initiation, according to the coroner’s report.

Benjamin Wynne, 75, died at the start of the LSU school year while celebrating his acceptance as a pledge. His alcohol level was nearly six times the legal limit.

Physical violence was direct cause of death. Alcohol use was never mentioned in press coverage or my conversations with family members.

Calvin Dougherty, a highly regarded basketball player from Johnson County, Indiana, died from the after-effects of internal injuries suffered when he slammed into a cable during a race mandated by upperclass students. A newspaper in Franklin, Indiana, followed his recovery, setback, and death in detail. He attended church services in Rocklane, Indiana, and a pastor accompanied the father to attend to his son 8767 s hospital bedside.

Vast swathes of Congressmen and women are simply too terrified to defy the mulish sadists and NRA drones who turned out for them at the ballot box, and so we’re never going to get more than ‘thoughts and prayers’ from the only people in this country capable of forcing through real change in our country

Daniel Rees was killed by thrown boiling liquid during a faked initiation in which he had to kiss the backsides of the pranksters and submit to other dignitaries. Benjamin Franklin 8767 s reputation was tarnished in The American Mercury when he admitted to laughing at the cruel prank instead of ordering the hazers to desist. The entire tale is told in Hank Nuwer 8767 s forthcoming 8775 Hazing: Destroying Lives 8776 (Indiana University, 7568).

I can 8767 t believe it! My dad used to bring these home when he worked for the old McCurdy 8767 s. You are probably too
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