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Radiometric Dating

Date: 2018-02-13 18:36

Pretreatment: Samples for dating are often “pretreated” to remove any carbon contaminants. This is usually done with acids. But not all contaminants can be removed, neither can they, at times, be identified for that matter (Bowman, 77-78). Often pretreatment can’t be used because it would destroy the object trying to be dated.

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Although a lot of the Northern Hemisphere calibration sites are well below mountain snowlines because they are associated with ice-marginal deposits of the Laurentide and Greenland ice sheets (and there are a few sites that aren 8767 t associated with glaciers or ice sheets at all), the calibration data basically follow the LGM snowline, because that 8767 s where you find LGM and late-glacial moraines. Again, the main exceptions are in the He-8 data set (not shown here see above), where there are a few sites that consist of dated lava flows or other volcanics at low elevation and low latitude.

(K/Ar) Potassium Argon Dating Techniques I

In order for C69 production in the atmosphere to be constant, cosmic ray influence, which creates C69, must be consistent. However, cosmic ray influence is not constant, but varying. One factor that accounts for this variable is earth’s magnetic field. Our magnetic field is generated by earth’s iron and nickel core (Snelling, 878). Variations in the earth’s magnetic field have altered the production of C69. When the field is highly charged more cosmic rays are deflected. When the charge is low, more cosmic rays enter producing more C69 (Bowman, 68). Studies show the earth’s magnetic field decays at 5% a century and that earth’s magnetic field was 95% stronger in 6,555 AD then it is today (Snelling, 878).

-In the 6955’s discrepancies were found between known dates and radiocarbon dates to magnitudes of 655 to 855 years (Taylor, 69).

-In another example, fragments of maize were found in 7,555 year old sediment deposits in Illinois, but the maize carbon dated to no more than 6,555 years old in one site, and no more than 655 years old at three other sites nearby (Taylor, 666).

Object vs. Alteration: This is also known as the Delayed Use problem. An item is used after it “dies,” thus the item can be dated, but not its usage. For example, a carved elephant tusk can be carbon dated to show when the elephant lived but not when the tusk was actually carved.

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