Our Matchmaking Process Its Just Lunch

Classifieds: Radiometric Dating

Date: 2018-02-13 18:36

❌Wake up with an ache that fades❌
❌Pop two pills with gatorade❌
❌Round my neck hang gator fangs❌
❌Might reveal more at later a later date, bud I don't know❌
❌Yung snow king of go with the flow❌
❌Bring a hoe backstage tell her ,,tell me everything you about life''❌
❌And then I bounce❌
❌Roxy hitting hard❌
❌I'm feeling fucking sick❌
❌I'll have to smoke a half an ounce just to balance it out❌

❌Ruby backing out❌
❌Ruby blacking out❌
❌Falling fucking deeper I think Ruby's cashing out❌
❌Grass is always greener, when the grave is lacking crowds❌
❌Look, who's laughing now❌
❌An audience cracking up you can let the curtains down now❌
❌I wallow in sorrow ain't no tomorrow❌
❌Missed a call from $lick and woke up in a gown how?❌