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Although I did not find him amusing, number three wants to be a stand-up comedian. Numbers four through seven were unemployed. Eight looked promising until I saw his toothless smile.  Nine was older, shorter and had worse hearing than my dad. Ten has been at the same job since high school. Fortunately for him minimum wage increases have given him steady raises all these years.

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Even with his lack of social skills I was excited for my family to get to know him. We spent time playing cards with the kids and Candy Land with the grandkids. He enjoyed taking the little ones to the pool at the YMCA, the play center at the mall and fun movies complete with candy and popcorn. My grandchildren loved him, my adult children were not so sure.

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“What do I think about stopping for a nice dinner? I’ll tell you what I think about stopping for a nice dinner. I think that if we stop that means that I will have to be with you for that much longer. Right now I am counting the minutes until you drop me off in my driveway. Right now I am thinking about having you pull over at the next exit and I will call a cab. Right now I am thinking that playing a round of golf in silence is nothing that I ever want to do again which means I never want to play a round of golf with you again. That is what I think about stopping for a nice dinner.”

It 8767 s New Year 8767 s in New Orleans and gun violence is rampant as Police and EMS deal with armed robberies and shootings. Plus, EMT Gavin returns to the job, and everyone celebrates a new addition to the family.

Within an hour, I found out a lot about Jimmy. He is an excellent golfer and an excellent racquetball player. Jimmy is also an excellent businessman, father, boater, water skier, snow skier, and football player. In fact, you name it and Jimmy is excellent at it.  Jimmy prattled on and on and on about his seemingly favorite subject: Jimmy. Jimmy knows all about Jimmy. Jimmy knows all about everything. Jimmy knows sports. Jimmy knows food. Jimmy knows boats. Jimmy knows.

Second, if he has money it is probably because he has never spent a dime. The ‘Entertainment Discount Book’ in his car should have been my first clue. He might say he is ‘wise with money’ but the truth is he is just plain old ‘cheap’.

To add to my not knowing what to talk about dilemma, after I had already committed the funds to attend the speed dating event, my doctor scheduled a procedure for the following day. The procedure requires preparation. Not only do I have to fast all day but I have to drink 87 ounces of Gatorade with special powder that makes things move. The drinking is supposed to begin at 9:55 in the afternoon and conclude two hours later. Speed Dating begins at 7:85.

After experiencing my own version of ‘Dates Gone Bad’, I thought it might be a good idea to come up with a list of qualifiers that could give a man some potential.

There's so much hilarious 'Guy Code' footage that we can't always fit it into the show, that's why we're giving you access to some of the funniest moments that have hit the cutting room floor.

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