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Date: 2018-03-10 03:22

I emphaically want more to the bukkake scene. And hopefully the other sex scenes will be similarly expanded. (The dream sequence between Mark and Alex is slightly longer than the bukkake scene.)

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I have had a few friends that have liked Manga, but i have never watched manga on tv. Interesting the popularity of japanese manga in the last few years.

Atour through Inio Asano’s workspace | manga brog

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I frankly thought this would be a corny and cliche marketing attempt, but it 8767 s actually a very damn good manga! Keep it up!

If you could do something you never did before would you?
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Asano: I take about an hour to write out a rough outline of the story for a volume. If I 8767 m doing it for Goodnight Punpun , then that 8767 s eleven chapters per volume, so I divide it up into eleven parts in such a way that it balances out well. Then I write out all the dialogue to flesh out the chapter.

Oh im personally interested in anything semi weird, so my answer is rather broad. The more unique, the more intrigued, haha.

Sorry Sturat, but I couldn't go to the end of the list. It's really a huge list. I checked some of them and they are low competitive. Thanks for saving my time.

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Wow, this site is the bomb! I met some really intellectual people on here along with some very ordinary people who just wanted to have good fun. If you re bored of meeting and talking with the friends that you hang out with or have just broken up with your boy/girlfriend, this site is for you!

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