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Date: 2018-03-10 03:22

So i was dating this man at first we we're inseparable but 2months later we started to separate a little by little and then i told him that...

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i jst read this one au and i have to VENT bc the whole thing was so stupid, it was based on one person having a crush on their best friend and everyone was like “i’m sorry ur hurting bc they don’t love u back, they are hurting u ;(“ and so on and like in WHAT dramatic world do the author lives like?? if one person has a crush on the other, and the other doesn’t even KNOW someone had a crush on them like?? and dating someone else?? it doesn’t “hurting”, maybe like the crushing person feels hurt but like, it’s not the crush’s fault?? if u don’t tell someone that u like them romantically they won’t know abt it? wake up sheeple