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Date: 2018-03-11 05:33

It was selfish of your parents to put you in the position they have. It is also selfish of your parents to turn you loose on society to push your hate of the mainstream, solely because you aren 8767 t from that background.

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Says: if you like being offended
“Most blacks are stopping the advancement for themselves and whites. They have a mindset of taking rather than producing. This is a drain on our society. Ideas like affirmative action only encourage this type of behavior rather than teaching them to adapt and overcome. While both races are being held back…”

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Maybe I should just go around and call you Poor White Trash for a while Meg, see if you dont get uptight about it.
put alil love in your heart 🙂

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As a white person, I feel the need to correct the grammar should be 8775 you 8767 re 8776 instead of 8775 your 8776 since you are trying to say 8775 you are 8776 .

If you knew anything like you seem to think you do, you 8767 d know that AFRICAN IMMIGRANTS are the most successful group in America. Even beating out ASIANS (by 6%! lol) but there aren 8767 t as many of them as Asians.

Anything said about disabled people. Usually white people have a disabled cousin. 8775 His disability isn 8767 t holding him back though, he 8767 s like any normal kid and still smiles and plays sports 8776 etc

I remember the last time we visited Pittsburgh. We were sitting in the plaza near the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.  We saw very few IRR of any kind there.  That struck us as strange since as you know the city has an abundance of colleges so you would think that we would have seem more couples of our kind. 

So don 8767 t judge. I say white people enjoy being offended because they obviously DO. Otherwise, why would they choose to take offense at things that have nothing to do with them? Minding one 8767 s own business can be quite healthy, yet they almost never do it.

White collar crimes: massive corporate malfeasance (ie. Enron, junk bonds) leading to great loss of property and general mayhem

OK OK, but despite that your discussion and observations are excellent 🙂 (although I did feel a bit offended since I am not black 😉 but also not American)

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