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Date: 2017-11-15 22:56

please. my passport expired last year october. I m in babardos currently as a student. please how can I renew the passport I have tried all my best

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Darego has won Miss World, Miss Africa, and Miss Nigeria. Need we say more? She has a very timid, yet appealing smile and thin body that compliments the sexy tone of her skin and long dark hair.

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Hi, i 8767 ve filled out the application and i 8767 m having a problem with the payment..it 8767 s $667 and i tried paying with me visa card, but the website says my transaction cannot be proccessed at the moment and doesn 8767 t give any reason. what can i do?

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If you’re sick of being lonely, and are ready to build a new life with a strong and beautiful women, Nigerian women are some that you may want to look into. Filled with exotic beauty and powerful sensuality, if you can unlock the code and bring a Nigerian girls home, you’re going to be in for one hell of a wild ride.

Hi, i just want to give a summary of my experience at the Nigeria High Commission yesterday (March 7,7569). This blog helped me through the process and i think it would help others if they know what to expect when they go.

8. People lie a lot about themselves on social media. Those photos are airbrushed or photo shopped. A good photoshop can eliminate 85 pounds, make boobs look larger or gave someone an even clear complexion. Real life is another matter. There are other small inconsistencies like maybe the irritating sound she/he makes with her throat, or habit of over gesticulating that makes the person not as attractive in real life.

Wow, me that has few pics on Instagram and hardly changes my dp. I 8767 m tired of hearing 8766 but you 8767 re pretty, you should love taking pictures 8767 . For realz?

I beg..i beg all this meeting people online it done do!! How come person can 8767 t just talk and make convo in real life!! Habaaa im tired self every party you go just dey stand and molest their mobile phone. na party o..why you no make that guy who will sit next to you for the whole party then when he is about to leave he will say 8775 are you on whatsapp..can I have your number 8776 whatsapp kor Whats up nee olodo of Ojota!!! You sat next to me for four hours and couldnt make convo..you now want me to be your chat mate in the lonely hour abi..im tired of social media jor

Hi Jules,
Yes, you still need to book an slot, yes again, the slot you book needs to be on your interview date. The so called slots are basically to book a time of the day for your interview.
Good luck

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