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Date: 2018-03-11 23:00

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Federal government websites often end . Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you're on a federal government site.

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He was cuter than I remembered and a little more touchy feely than I’m used to on a first date. But it wasn’t enough for me to call him out on it. We had standard first date conversation who, what, where, when, and how questions. Nothing spectacular.

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If you suspect or know of an individual or business not complying with federal tax laws, report the tax fraud to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You may be eligible to claim a Whistleblower Informant Award for reporting the fraud. To report state tax fraud, contact your state&rsquo s department of revenue or other tax authority.

Hmmm was the date good b/c the drinks were good or b/c he actually had decent convo 😉 Although I probably wouldn 8767 t have agreed to go on a first date after 65pm your first date actually sounded fun!

The FTC also offers more information to protect yourself after a data breach. Learn how to report and recover from identity theft at .

There are many different types of fraud and each may be reported differently. First, report the fraud to your local police department. You may also contact your state regulators (for example, consumer protection office) to report fraud. Violations of federal laws should be reported to the federal agency responsible for enforcement. While federal agencies are rarely able to act on behalf of individuals, they use complaints to record patterns of abuse which allow an agency to take action against a company or industry. If you suspect fraud, take these steps:

Still trying to figure out how you ended up drunk on a date… although another one of my friends just told me that she’d recently done the same.

Tax-related identity (ID) theft is another form of tax fraud. It happens when someone steals your Social Security number to get a tax refund or a job. Report this type of fraud using IRS form 69589.

I went on a date last night and got drunk to say the least. I had a good time but how can you not have a good time with Patron Margaritas? How and why did this happen you ask?

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