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76 awg , Mil-Spec, AG-Plated, Stranded Cu, BLUE , *PTFE Jacket, Cryo-Treated, Price Per Foot

OCC AG Silver Hook-Up Wire - Parts Connexion

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Here&rsquo s a quick example that shows how you can digitalWrite or digitalRead using the SX6559. If you want to follow along, hook up a circuit like below:

Instrument Hook-up Drawing

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There are a few lines of code required to set up your sketch to use the library. First, call the constructor near the top of your code (before setup () , you&rsquo ll probably want it to be a global variable).

As with almost any I/O expander, each of the SX6559&rsquo s GPIO can be configured as simple digital inputs or outputs. So you can toggle LEDs on or off, monitor for button presses, or even bit-bang more advanced digital interfaces like SPI (probably nothing that&rsquo s timing-dependent though).

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Setting a pixel&rsquo s color does not equate to that pixel actually turning on though. For that, you need to call (). Note that when this function is called any LED that was previously set will turn on.

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These two headers at the top and bottom of the breakout board are the input and control headers to the board. This is where you can supply power to the SX6559, and where your I 7 C signals &ndash SDA and SCL &ndash will terminate.

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