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Date: 2018-04-14 16:30

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anyone can say that plenty o fish is good or bad but its still the greatest and top-well known dating service of the world. i know many people married from pof and no one can tell me that its bull-shit. if you want to pay tons of bucks to fake girls you can change any other paid matchmaking site.

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POF has a list of rules which they strongly enforce (sorry, I was laughing so hard I couldn't type for a moment. I'm ok now). Here is what POF has to say about using photos in your profile, "POF has 5 tolerance for users who are rude, UPLOAD FAKE PICTURES." It then continues with "Any user caught doing so is DELETED". Until recently POF had a policy that stated all photos of members must show their face clearly or you could report them and POF would inform them to follow the site rules or their profile would be removed and that is how it should be. As you read this, POF has altered that policy and currently if a profile has no photos of the person but rather images of shoes, their legs, flowers etc.

Most of the women are extremely arrogant, disrespectful and simply lack class and decency. One important detail for men to understand is that if you send a letter to a woman who ignores you she will block/ban you from contacting her again. Yes, that does seem very inappropriate but they do it rather than replying with a simple "no thank you" response. Once a certain number of women block you for nothing more than having no interest in you, POF shuts your account down but your profile is still up! What does that mean? Your profile is visible to you but can't be seen by the women. In essence you have a "ghost" profile that is up and running but women are not able to see it and they can't contact you. Yeah, that is POF for you.

Moral of the story if you go on to POF do NOT report inappropriate accounts (including ones with ** pics) as you will be the one who gets banned and have your account deleted. Markus Frind and his staff have no qualms in booting the people that help their site. There are reviews all over the Net of others having similar experiences. Another issue POF has is connection. You can be in the middle with having a conversation with someone online and POF will disconnect you indiscriminately. You lose your message and the respondent thinks you just left the conversation without saying goodbye. POF are aware of this issue. It has been happening for many, many years. Yet they have not solved the issue nor warn their customers that this issue exists. This is bad customer service to say the least.

His internet/phone is through XO Communications and when speaking with them I was told they require no personal information, the person picks out his own number city and state that he chooses and everything is claimed to be untraceable! I'm a successful business manager and how I ever let my guard down to this level has me feeling foolish and very disappointed in myself. This scammer was great is all I can say, he totally had my heart and I was just waiting for him to come home last Friday which never happened.

An honest gentleman, spent several hours completing the profile and compatibility tests, and always respectful of women I communicated with, all followed all rules. Still removed without an explanation. Only one thing (in my opinion) that might have caused the removal - discrimination or, in other words, racism because of my color. The service continually presented me with women of my race, though I indicated I was had no racial preferences. Since I choose women of all races as possible matches, my conclusion - they didn't like or respect my preferences.

Over 88 million users on POF come together to connect, flirt, and share with each other, resulting in over 65 million conversations each day!

The majority of the girls I will come across on 'meet me' are girls with completely nude, pornographic profile photos and the majority of such girls message me wanting me to sign up on their live online sex cam website and pay them for 'a show'. Completely unclassy and tasteless to find POF allowing so many of these people allowed access on a dating app that primarily promotes people who are serious about dating and finding someone. I have also went through the trouble of going on some of these profiles to report them, but the next 'meet me' girl I come across is the same racy nude profile photos. Disgusting.

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