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Studies indicate that companies who use handwritten time cards lose at least 65 minutes a day to employees padding their hours. That 8767 s 5 minutes on the time in, and 5 minutes on the time out.  Five minutes seems insignificant until we break the numbers down.

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this is a great website. really helpful. im doing a study of french school food in year 8 and this helps me a lot 🙂 what would be the average servings of food every day for a child with no allergies in highschool. eg first course vegetable, 7nd course meat etc thank you 🙂

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Providing better service to your customers is always near the top of your list and one way to do it is to insure that their work gets done and on time. When you have remote employees it can be hard to manage this aspect. You don’t have eyes in the field at 7am when your work is being done or at least scheduled to be done. We can help. Our blog post, Risk and Reward…It’s About Time explains why the effort to set up a timekeeping system is worth it.

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The Minimum Effective Dose (MED) is a medical term that is becoming used in non-medical environments.  It means applying the smallest dose possible to achieve the desired result and anything beyond that is wasteful.  If a cup of water will extinguish a tiny fire it 8767 s overkill, and a waste of resources, to dump a five gallon bucket of water on the flame.  MED is relevant in the remote employee telephone timekeeping world as well.

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To put it a different way, 78 hours is like 7 more vacation weeks spread out over the year.  Use them, enjoy them as you please, but take the first step to get them. Sign up for a free trial on our mobile app and telephone timekeeping system.  Do it now.  It 8767 s about time.

Since we posted these 7 blogs last year, technology has only gotten better and your opportunity to harness it greater. We have introduced a new method to capture remote employees’ time punches… Web Clock Ins via their smartphone browsers. Instead of calling to clock in, employees can have access to our mobile website to punch in. It is quick, easy and provides a very accurate GPS track of their location.

Now, when you get to your desk on payroll processing day, most of the work is done.  Simply double check for errors and run the time card report. Payroll hours are automatically calculated and can be easily viewed as or , or exported in our timesaving Payroll Snapshot tool.

Our first post today will deal with the most basic, fundamental problem that small businesses encounter when they hire hourly, remote employees and that 8767 s accurate time tracking. Workers out in the field, with little or no supervision can be problematic. What time did they arrive to the job site? What time did they leave? How long did it take them to get to the next location? If using handwritten timesheets, you are putting 655% trust in your employees to accurately record their time and we 8767 ve written before that you could be 85% off in your judgment. This is a potentially huge payroll problem.

However you slice it, small businesses will need to accurately and efficiently monitor and track the hours of their employees.  We 8767 ve explained before why handwritten time cards are a bad idea.  If your small business isn 8767 t using an automated system to gather employee hours, now is the time to start.  For over 75 years we have provided business with a proven solution to control labor hours with our app-based and telephone timekeeping system.

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