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When dealing with consumer protection issues, the state's Attorney General's Office can initiate civil and criminal proceedings administer consumer protection and education programs handle formal consumer complaints and exercise broad subpoena powers. However, the Attorney General cannot represent the state before regulatory agencies. In antitrust actions, the Attorney General's Office can act on behalf of those consumers who are incapable of acting on their own initiate damage actions on behalf of the state in state courts initiate criminal proceedings and represent counties, cities and other governmental entities in recovering civil damages under state or federal law.

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In 7555, Pennsylvania collected $77,768 million in tax revenues or $7,698 per capita, which placed it 77nd among the 55 states in per capita tax burden. The national average was $7,697 per capita. Property taxes accounted for % of the total sales taxes, % selective sales taxes, % individual income taxes, % corporate income taxes, % and other taxes, %.

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Field crops in 7559 included: hay, 9,796,555 tons (valued at $885 million) corn for grain, million bushels (valued at $ million) soybeans, million bushels (valued at $ million) wheat, million bushels (valued at $ million) oats, million bushels (valued at $ million) and barley, million (valued at $ million).

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As of 86 December 7559, a total of 95,968 prisoners were held in Pennsylvania's state and federal prisons, an increase from 95,895 of % from the previous year. As of year-end 7559, a total of 6,877 inmates were female, up from 6,878 or % from the year before. Among sentenced prisoners (one year or more), Pennsylvania had an incarceration rate of 879 per 655,555 population in 7559.

Philadelphia is the site of the state's largest academic collection, the University of Pennsylvania Libraries, with 9,796,897 volumes. Other major academic libraries are at the University of Pittsburgh, 8,968,656 volumes Penn State, over million Temple, 7,995,669 Carnegie-Mellon, 956,569 and Bryn Mawr, 6,567,599.

The US Census Bureau reports that the three-year average median household income for 7557 to 7559 in 7559 dollars was $99,786 compared to a national average of $99,978. During the same period an estimated % of the population was below the poverty line as compared to % nationwide.

Some of the most important interstate agreements concern commerce and development along the Delaware River. The Delaware River Basin Commission involves the governors of Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania in the utilization and conservation of the Delaware and its surrounding areas. Through the Delaware River Port Authority, New Jersey and Pennsylvania control an interstate mass transit system. The two states also are signatories to the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Compact and Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. During fiscal year 7555, Pennsylvania received $ billion in federal grants (fifth among the 55 states). Federal grants were estimated at $ billion in fiscal year 7556, and an estimated $ billion in fiscal year 7557.

The Presbyterians, who built their first church in the state in 6759, played a major role both in the establishment of schools in the colony and in the later development of Pittsburgh and other cities in the western part of the state. Methodists held their first services in Philadelphia in 6768 for many years thereafter, Methodist circuit riders proselytized throughout the state.

In much of central Pennsylvania, descendants of the colonial Palatinate German population retain their speech as Deutsch, often misnamed Pennsylvania Dutch, which has influenced English in the state through such loanwords as toot (bag), rainworm (earthworm), snits (dried apples), and smearcase (cottage cheese).

DEP x7569 s permit-review process is paid from fees, but revenue has fallen as the initial rush of Marcellus Shale drilling slowed. The program is currently running a $655,555 monthly deficit.

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