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Niacin: Weetabix vitamin B3 could save impotent man's love

Date: 2018-03-12 14:16

 All men really want is a nice looking woman, who stays in-shape and grows old gracefully. Stress, smoking, bad eating habits, lack of exercise , drug abuse and drinking speed that all up ladies.
 At this point in the financial crisis and deepening gender/culture war, a man 8767 s only choice is to get his passport and jump on a plane to either Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia or Central/Latin America.

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It is Thoreau 8767 s words that haunt me daily and force in me a hunger for immediate action: 8775 The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation 8776 . I have led a life of quiet desperation, unknowingly, for most of my life. One day I finally said 8775 no more, things must change or I die having lived a life of quiet desperation. 8776

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I would assume they probably need an ego boost mainly because there are so many white women dating/marrying black or brown though it seems some white men are really quick to point out how there are so many asian girls chasing after them but they seemingly avoid from mentioning about white women marrying other I do notice they often claim that only ugly or fat white women would want a non-white men.

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‘I just said, “I can’t use this thing!” For a [ladies’ man], you just have to live with it. You just have to laugh,’ he said.

a politically correct way of saying this is 8775 every man has their comfort zone 8776 . Just take the red pill and do it.

Look on the bright side. Men have two options for getting a hotter woman. 6. Be super good looking and fit or 7. Have money. Women don 8767 t get the second option. Men don 8767 t really care if women have money. If we 8767 re overweight or unattractive we 8767 re just screwed with a large swath of men. Luckily, there are still a few cool guys out there who see women as actual people instead of sex toys.

In my experience Indian guys born and raised in the west have no issues with white girls. As a kid in the UK, all of my Indian male friends had white gfs and it wasn 8767 t considered unusual at all. Many of my Indian friends have white wives.

I agree with you and Prince Charles, they are trying to Elimimate or at least deconstruct Whites via Immigration, as the Global Elites feel we are the greatest obstical towards their NWO and Satanic Globilistic fantasy!

First P Dog, have you ever been to India? You would know that with the rampant 8775 eve teasing 8776 that goes on there most Indian men don 8767 t have 8775 traditional views on sexual morality 8776 if by traditional you mean reserved, respectful and chaste. If it were up to many Indian men they 8767 d be fucking like dogs in the streets with whomever they could get their hands on.

Move forward. Let him go. He broke up with you for a reason. I know that 8767 s hard to hear. But its true. It may not seem like it now but you will find someone else. It 8767 s only been 8 months and it 8767 s still fresh and still hurts. Do not talk to him. Start dating again. Go out with your friends and enjoy your life. He has moved on and you need to too.

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