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Date: 2018-03-12 20:49

~ Bronze helmet.
Date: ca. 474 B.C.
Place of discovery: Olympia, Greece
Place of origin: Etruria, Italy

• From the source: Bronze Etruscan helmet of the Negau type with an inscribed text in the Syracusan Greek alphabet; domed body made of hammered sheet bronze, lower part concave, with a small lip around the bottom edge; the inscription translates ‘Hieron, son of Deinomenes, and the Syracusans, [dedicated] to Zeus Etruscan [spoils] from Cumae’: the object is believed to have been captured at the battle of Cumae in 474 B.C. and deposited in the Sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia as a dedication to the god.


First single from Hollywood Undead's forthcoming fifth studio album "Five".

Tracklist in alphabetical order:
Bad Moon [03:53]
Bang Bang [03:40]
Black Cadillac (feat. B-Real from "Cypress Hill") [03:49]
Broken Record [03:40]
California Dreaming [03:54]
Cashed Out [03:30]
Ghost Beach [03:54]
Nobody's Watching [03:58]
Pray (Put 'Em in The Dirt) [04:24]
Renegade [03:03]
Riot [03:48]
We Own The Night [04:02]
Whatever It Takes [03:08]
Your Life [03:23]

Album Release Date: Oct 27, 2017