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Date: 2018-02-08 16:25

The hash (or URL fragment identifier) has historically been a way to send a visitor to a specific location on a given page (. Moz's blog posts use the hash to navigate you to a particular comment, like this one from my wife ). Hashes can also be used like tracking parameters (. /lagavulin#src=twitter). Using URL hashes for something other than these, such as showing unique content than what's available on the page without the hash or wholly separate pages is generally a bad idea.

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Since we're currently addressing the 'hashbang' issue as a result of a site redesign, I found #67 to be especially useful. And thanks to Thomas V for chiming in.

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Great post. I see two months later. Surely it is a very basic question, but I hope someone can solve my doubt. What characters should not be used in my URL's?

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My clients always ask me to some write-up (proof) where they can find the URL structure suggestions. I used to give all write ups separately from different resource. But now I found this article  where all the important suggestion are given.

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I would like to add one more thing that if our website has three butoons on the home page (black, blue, red) and if any user click any one of them to read something then it become a new url. For example -  /black!?6795,

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Thanks for pointing out about the case sensitive issues. This is something that probably requires some bit of additional work to get right.

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