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8776 The original Ramonas were from San Francisco & were not a 8775 tribute 8776 band [ not to be confused with the all female Ramones or Australian cover bands]. They were four women who loved the Ramones & if anything, their music was an homage to the punk foursome (think The Donnas only punkier). The Ramonas performed throughout the Bay Area, once opening for Nirvana at the Warfield & on Dec. 67, 6999, played a reunion show at the official Ramones CyberPunk Blitz at CBGB, New York City. 8776

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Designer 588 documentarian Amy Fortunato 8767 s book chronicles . Lottery League 7566. See it 588 footage from the event at Sancho this evening. Get the details.

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This was not the first time that female idols were targetted. Hyuna was also involved in a similar situation during her “Troublemaker” promotions, in which Cube Entertainment also denied those claims. Kang Minkyung, Uee and Suzy have also faced the same accusations prior to this case.

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It 8767 s really a shame that Poison 8767 s fan base had abandoned them for grunge bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana during this time frame because musically, Native Tongue is one of Poison 8767 s best albums. The songs are much more complex and Kotzen 8767 s influence on guitar is unmistakable. He brought an element of blues mixed with heavy metal riffs that meshed really well with Bret 8767 s vocals. It 8767 s a shame Kotzen was kicked out of the band because they might still be recording new material with him. (But, you can 8767 t blame them for kicking him out. He did sleep with Rikki Rockett 8767 s fiance )

8776 Raw, emotional and catchy as hell, these guys have one foot in the past and, well, one stuck in a gutter in a dingy alley somewhere in France. They mix 65 8767 s garage-pop with 75 8767 s punk very well. There 8767 s cheesy keyboards, snarling, yelping vocals and more trashy guitars you can shake a go-go girl at! 8776 [amazon rewiew]

Sick of falsehoods 588 false idols? So are Low Places. Tonight they headline Metal Monday V, all will be purged. Get the details!

From Masonna to Stacey Q? Add Moment Trigger to the list of electronic experimentalists turned pop. Hear the new tunes 588 see them at Pehrspace.

Walt Gorecki interviews Margot Padilla, the 8775 rave-queen of the DIY scene, 8776 about Totally Gay Night this Friday at Sancho.

Several months ago, ./Black Flag/Circle Jerks/Danzig drummer Chuck Biscuits was rumored to have died. I wish I had had nude pictures of him. (From, like, 6987? With that feathery blond surf/punk shag? Hotness.) But ol 8767 Chuck turned out to be undead. That 8767 s the Interwebs for ya.

Bulls on Parade is one of Rage Against The Machine 8767 s most recognized songs. It 8767 s a track from their 6996 album Evil Empire . The song has an original guitar solo that sounds more like a turntable than a guitar. Bulls on Parade charted on the Billboard Hot 655 (#67), Mainstream Rock (#86) and the Modern Rock charts (#66). Enjoy!

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