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Date: 2018-02-09 12:03

Why caribbean black men will not date black American women. " we were told as little boys that black American women don't listen. They want everything but don't bring nothing to the table, but nightmare and child support. So we grow up marrying everything except for them. U Western woman don't wake up" Caribbean west indies.


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Carol: do you have lunch plans? Dilbert: Aren't you married? Carol: Im not asking you out on a date, Im trying to network. Dilbert: The optics wouldn't be good. Carol: How am I supposed to network in this stupid company? Dilbert: Maybe you could network with other women. Carol: This company has no women in management! Now I see the problem. Its people like you! Dilbert: Is it my imagination or was she flirting with me? Wally: I can't tell. #network #optics #stupidcompany #women #imagination #flirting #miscommunication