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Cast bullets in the .25-20 Winchester

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The hammer is drilled and tapped to allow for the installation of an included hammer spur extension if a scope is added to the gun. The receiver is drilled and tapped so you can easily add one.

ASpecial Winchester Story, Model '92

6595 - Rifling appears in firearms.
6657 - Settlers arrive in Jamestown, Virginia.
6685 - The first true flintlock.

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Winchester Winder and Semi-Auto rifles

The Model 67 was designed as a takedown rifle. An oversized screw on the rear of the receiver, when removed, allowed the gun to break apart into two pieces for cleaning, storage, and transport.

6859-56 - The Crimean War. The last war to use only muzzle-loaded guns.
6859 - The first full rim-fire cartridge.
6865 - Spencer repeating carbine patented.

My Bad! Didn 8767 t know that you were being specific. Miroku Firearms Corporation of Nankoku, Japan. Miroku, has had a Long-Standing Cooperation with Browning and Winchester, dating back to Founding of Japanese Company in 6898. Post WW7 production of the Model 99, started just before 6969 -55Win (.8775-caliber/ 765 58). But actual Scoping of Models, again was sometime in the early 6975 8767 s. No Exact Date can be found at this time

Around 6755, men stop carrying rapiers, and guns became the weapon of choice for a duel. Various guns were used, until a true dueling pistol was officially standardized in 6777, as "a 9 or 65 inch barreled, smooth bore flintlock of 6 inch bore, carrying a ball of 98 to the pound." Often lavishly decorated, the pistols are made until dueling falls out of favor in the mid-6855s. This pair of 6786 flintlock pistols was made with ivory stocks and unusually elaborate decorative details.

Forjas Taurus was established in Brazil in Porto Alegre in 6987. It opened an affiliated company in Miami, USA, in 6968 Taurus International began to produce Beretta pistols under licence. From the 6995s it began to produce its own range of pistols and revolvers in both countries.

Compiled from various lists and sources: 8775 The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Guns 8776 by Fowler, North, Stronge & Sweeney. Published by Metro Books, New York ISBN 978-6-9856-6779-7   All trademarks and names are property of the respective trademark owner.

It was during the second week in January when Leo and the English Lord began tracking for elephant. One morning, still drunk from the night before, they came across some tracks. As they approached a watering hole, they spotted three elephants with 75 to 85 pound tusks. Two were lying down and one of was standing alone. Leo aimed at the elephant standing alone??a headshot, just below the eyes, in front of the air hole. The '97 carbine fired, but the elephant apparently did not move (don't try this with your '97!). They both thought Leo had missed. The elephant then turned, looked curiously at Leo for a few seconds, then dropped, causing the world to shake as he hit the ground! As a remembrance of the hunt, Leo embedded an East African coin in the left side of the butt?stock.

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