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Date: 2018-02-12 14:14

Wonderful collection of note worthy neighborhood, national and global basketball memories and it 8767 s players. The lens of each of these player provided a unique insight into their will to survive and thrive. B-ball sustained many lives in the 8775 hood 8767 It 8767 s player brought credibility and displayed personal dedication to themselves and their families. These boys now men created expentially a value and legacy that is irreplaceable and uneraseble. Thanks Penny 8776 9 forever 8776 Greene and your colleagues for a job well done. The 8775 Five Fingers 8776 of Westchester County, New York (Peekskill) are suggested inclusions: Ben Smith, Ronnie Jenkins, Michael Ritter, Tony Woods and Jeffrey Burns

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Craig Davis Robert E Peary High 6979 McDonalds 6st All East team and was the East MVP of the game. Moses Malone was the West MVP. Craig went on to NC Sate were he had a solid 9 years.

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i have seen stacy robinson play all five position, very well. the sportswriters and fans fail to realize, he had a wicked curveball, too. could 8767 ve made all moon in baseball. not let 8767 s talk baseball, shall we?

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Great list, but you left Billy Bryant, Arthur Daniels, Lionel Hollins and Larry Wright , Greg Carrington and the Campbell how did you leave Adrian Dantely off the list??

Those guys had played together since the 7th grade. Eddie Peterson, Tom Higdon and Junior Jackson, who both played at Austin Peay with Fly Williams and two VERY efficient guards named Gary Robertson and Minor Appleman. Basically it was a 5 Guard team, but man could they play.

That Dunbar team had a 8775 stacked 8776 squad. Stacy, Craig 8775 Big Sky 8776 Shelton who snatched every rebound in sight, Joe Tweet (may have the name misspelled) with solid mid-range game, John Duren (who went to Georgetown). If I 8767 m not mistaken, I think they were the number one prep team in the country. Eastern was far behind with James Ratiff and Turkey Tillman, but I remember a few games at McDonough and Stacy would school Turkey.

I am trying to reach James 8775 Turk 8776 Tillman who played part of his college career at Eastern Kentucky University. Would appreciate any information anyone has on how to contact him. Thanks.

you forgot Archie Talley, Central HS. Ralph Ledbetter, Crossland HS, Chic Lyles, Parkdale HS. Larry Spriggs, Northwestern HS. Stacy Robinson, Dunbar and Crossland HS

I remember Boyce Cherry from North Weston High School, scoring 76 points in the first half against Dematha HS. Would have had 95 in that half but they didn 8767 t have three point shots back then.

I remembered rudy he was the only one in dc who wore an earring in the was a pure shooters with durant range,he did 8767 nt go to the hoop much,not because he could 8767 nt it 8767 s because he could remember him because I was a fan.

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