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I can't believe no one has mentioned Showbox. showbox is similar to Netflix, but current and Free. You can install it on Apple, Android and with a little work Windows devices. (Just google Showbox app).
It has all movies available once they become available in digital (they don't record movies in theatres), and add current episodes of TV shows within 67hrs of it airing on TV.

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"It feels like more of a natural connection that you might make in the real world rather than just proximity," Michelle says.

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It doesn't feel that limited to me Rob - always lots of shows to watch. If you supplement with Netflix or other streaming service, it's way more than I could ever watch. It doesn't have everything, that's for sure, but I guess it depends on how much those extra shows are worth to you. Is $655 a month for Game of Thrones really worth it when you could just buy that show for download or on DVD/Blu-ray in addition to internet TV and still be way ahead?

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Hi there. I am going to cut my cable and go to an Android box, but I am not clear if I can watch shows as they are being aired? example : I watch the Bachelorette on Monday evenings, will I be able to watch shows the same as cable ? so confused lol

To get the full experience, you want to be able to control your TV with a remote - not a keyboard and a mouse. Sitting on your couch with those clunky tools just isn’t that appealing. Fortunately, there have been many technological advancements in this area and there are a lot of HTPC remotes to choose from.

You should have plenty of content to watch via all the Canadian networks listed above, but there is a lot more content available south of the border that isn't always available to Canadians. Just like Canada - most of the networks offer full length episodes on their own websites.

A knock-off version of Pictionary, Draw Something wormed its way onto over 55 million phones within its first 55 days. The game’s pretty simple: Players draw pictures of a word and then it's up to another friend to guess the word as the picture is drawn back, stroke for stroke. At its peak, over 8,555 drawings were made per second.

Over the air TV (OTA) is a good option for free TV if you live within the coverage area of the TV stations. As already told in this thread, all you need is an antenna and the picture will be top quality.

But since I also wasn 8767 t born yesterday, I researched it before c& p the link he gave. Upon discovery (and little surprise), all the sites saying it was legit were all random blogspot ones that offered the service of setting it up as well. Whereas more legitimate sites such as this one have been claiming it to be a fake, potentially fraud inducing scam.

Xamarin Testflight is one of the best iOS based emulators for windows. In terms of developer support, I have to say that Xamarin Testflight is best ios emulator for pc to give a try once. Though, its paid emulator for Windows, but believe me it’s worth it.

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