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Date: 2018-03-09 03:21

Master market forces with this collection of Corpus items. Includes the electrified Ohma melee weapons, a Quaro armor set, and a Quaro Sugatra.

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Lastly, the item system. Currently, with pre-building decks prior to the game starting, not only does this stop new players from getting into the game immediately, but it is also very limiting. Allowing a traditional MOBA item system that is seen in LoL, Dota, etc would allow for more on the fly building (such as going a different build pathing based on whether you re behind, ahead, etc). Currently, a lot of the cards are just used as bridges and there is zero attachment to them as you quickly discard them for the same value as you purchased them for, so there is no weight to your decision in purchasing the upgrade.

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Players can now trade salvage for XP Boosts. XP Boosts can be used before the match to grant extra XP for the player and their teammates at the end of a match. An XP boost provides a flat value of 755 extra XP for the player and 55 extra XP for every teammates.

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The SendGameServerMatchDetails () method will send to the CustomMatchmaker everything a client would need to connect to the GameServer. This message signals that the GameServer is ready to receive clients.

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Seriously, that sums it up right there in one sentence. This thread is absolutely filled with the same sentiment, which is not surprising because it s been a popular one since the alpha.

Just look at the other MOBAS your competing against. Vainglory, Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends. All of these have Ranked, an extensive list of heroes to choose from, and several game modes for the casual player and the die hard fan. Watch what they do well and reiterate into your own game PLEASE

You didn t want to make an interesting game, you didn t want to make a competitive game. You wanted to optimize every fucking parameter for player retention, virality, and money. And you failed even at that.

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Gems are too boring and linear change it into a item shop that branches into a skill tree where you can buy consumables and special stats and perks of this way we have the best of both worlds with the current card system and stat building as well makes game more divirse and way better than the same meta builds every game

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